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International Federation for Cell Biology Travel Awards for attending

Calreticulin Workshop in New York, NY, USA












Travel award winners:

  1. Paula Abello, DVM, PhD Candidate – Santiago, Chile
  2. Carlos Rosas, MSc, PhD candidate – Santiago, Chile
  3. Katherine Weinberger, DVM, PhD Candidate – Santiago, Chile
  4. Alejandra Guerrero Moncayo – Santiago, Chile
  5. Luciene Lima – Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Gostaria de agradecer a Federação Internacional de Biologia Celular por ter participado do Workshop Calreticulin 2015. Foi excelente e muito proveitoso.  Tive contato com excelentes pesquisadores e pude tirar várias dúvidas sobre o meu trabalho. Estou muito feliz e grata pela oportunidade!”   Luciene Lima – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Building the Cell in Institut Pasteur – Paris

Building The Cell





Travel award winners:

  1. Ewan MacDonald,  University of Liverpool,  UK
  2. Alba Juanes GarciaUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid, School of Medicine,  Spain
  3. Rana Amini, University of Montreal, Canada
  4. Claire Dziengelewski, Université Laval, Canada
  5. Jorge Diaz, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile

Alba Juanes

 “…I was able to attend to this meeting because I received an IFCB travel grant. It was my first international meeting, and therefore I was able, for the first time,    to interact with the some of the leading researchers in my line of research, present my work to them and receive input and advice. I particularly enjoyed  being exposed to a wealth of cutting edge technology, including new techniques and approximations, especially those related to mechanotransduction, force  sensing and force generation in living cells. In summary, this meeting has supplied me with new insights and points of view. It has also broadened my interest in  other aspects of cell biology and has allowed me, for the first time, to share my results discuss them with a cadre of international experts in the field.” Alba Juanes

Jorge_Diaz“…I considered that this first international meeting “Building the cell” represented a good occasion to increase my ability and comprehension on the endocytosis and migration area. While I was in the meeting the interacting with experts in these areas made me to keep growing as a researcher. appreciate so much this opportunity. Thanks to the Organizing Committee and the IFCB Laboratory for the travel grant!” Jorge Díaz

APOCB meeting in Singapore








Travel award winners:

1. Sun Liming (National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing)
2. Mrigya Babuta  (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
3. Ashish Kumar Singh (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
4. Sonal Gupta (ICGEB, India)
5. Lakshmi Sripada  (The M.S. University of Baroda, India)


“I am thankful to International Federation for Cell Biology – IFCB for their great support that helped me attend excellent Cell Biology meeting APOCB 2014 in  Singapore. It was a fascinating experience for me. Being working in malaria,I found the captivating sessions at the meeting were beneficial for increasing my  knowledge out of my field. Discussion with scientists there gave good scientific ideas which would definitely improve my scientific paper and grant writing. I felt  really glad to be a part of this exceptionally well organised meeting in Biopolis , Singapore. Thanks to sponsors and organisers for giving me this great  opportunity. I would definitely like to explore any such opportunities in future that will be useful building in my scientific career. Thanks” Dr. Sonal Gupta

5o_AWARDI thank The International Federation for Cell Biology to provide me an opportunity in form of travel assistance to participate in 7th Asian Pacific Organization for Cell Biology Congress. The award encouraged me to participate, interact and present my work in the congress. The talks and posters in congress was informative, interactive, educative and admixture of diversified and intriguing aspects of parasitology and cell biology. The talks, posters and workshops helped to acquire and strengthen new concepts, methodology and ideas.” Lakshmi Sripada

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  • Brazilian Society of Cell Biology
  • Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences
  • Chinese Society for Cell Biology
  • British Society for Cell Biology
  • Czech Society for Cell Biology, z.s
  • Societe de Biologie Cellulaire de France
  • Indian Society of Cell Biology
  • Iran Society for Cell Biology
  • Japanese Society for Cell Biology
  • Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Ibero-American Society for Cell Biology
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  • The Society of Cell and Molecular Biology, Taipei
  • Ukranian Society for Cell Biology
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