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Cell Biology International Reports

28/9/11: IFCB has in the past year or so resurrected Cell Biology International Reports which is a forum for the publication of preliminary communications, short communications including methodology papers and primary research articles that, while sound, have not been accepted on the more limited pages of Cell Biology International. It is an Opt2Pay, quick online service with considerably lower charges than the average “author-pays” journal on the internet.


Report on the 22nd Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop, Riga, August 25-30, 2011

28/9/11: The series of workshops held in memory of Wilhelm Bernhard (1929-1986) through many cities in Europe, the most recent having just finished in Riga, Latvia. The report is available to view here



10/6/09: IFCB is currently undergoing some major reorganisation, including changes in Society Membership. National Societies should open up "Member Organisations" under the main menu to see the new listings.


Cell Biology International

10/6/09: Cell Biology International - this Journal will soon be published by Portland Press in London, not Elsevier. The change-over starts in July 2009 and will be completed by January 2010. Portland Press is a non-profit organisation, originally the publishing arm of the UK's Biochemical Society.