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On Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper: Drafting an Article for Publication

“A Smoother Path to Publishing a Research Paper”

[Self-help in writing and publishing high quality scientific articles
and other communications]

Modules will be published online at intervals following this first overview module. They are designed for all scientists, especially those who are being or have been biomedically trained (in the broadest possible sense of this expression). The first of the following series of Modules will give an outline of the familiar pattern of a research paper, which will be expanded upon and extended in different ways in future modules. The series will be written keeping firmly in mind the need for many authors who are not native English speakers to improve their presentation, which should give their papers a better chance of acceptance at peer review. Although English is now the lingua franca in science, it is a difficult language with a lot of irregularities in nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. and their use. After the modules on the preparation of a scientific paper, we will deal later in Part 2 with the problems posed by the difficulty of writing good English, for example, the use of the indefinite and definite articles - some languages do not have them, but in English they are used in very particular ways. A further set of modules will deal with the practicalities and problems of publishing a paper, since few authors are well versed in the complex procedures that a paper goes through from acceptance to publication. The questions are also raised of where to publish, and why. If there is demand, modules may also be added which deal with the issues of communicating science as abstracts, theses, technical reports, presentations at meetings as lectures, in talks at seminars and to the general public through the media. Scientists need skills in all these areas, but sadly few receive adequate, if any, training. This includes the UK in which I have taught these skills in past years. These modules are designed to help correct this problem. They can always be improved, and therefore your feedback is important.

Being online, these modules will be freely available as open access material, i.e. without charge, as they appear. If a complete set is needed, a small charge will be made. BioMedES Ltd. retains the copyright. Use of these modules other than for private use, including lecture courses, constitutes a breach of copyright.

Denys Wheatley - or
Chairman and Director, BioMedES
April 25, 2011


Module AA - Overview

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Module 1 - Outline

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Module 2 - Typical Paper

Click here to download Module 2 - Typical Paper (PDF)


Module 3 - Results

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Module 4 - Discussion

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